subota, 25. siječnja 2014.

Week in photos

I took all the photos. 

Why not start this post with food. Some people like to take some fruit for their midnight snack, but this is mine midnight snack: egg,toasted bread, cheese, oranges and cold chocolate milk.

It has been raining and I love rainy days, when I'm at home, lying on my bed and just thinking about life. 

But also it has been snowing! I like snow when I''m home but I don't like it when I need to go to school. As you can see from photo, my dog also likes snow. :)

And this is the sunset and snow together, they are such gorgeous couple, don't you think? 

And this is my memory jar for 2014. I had one in 2013. and reading all of the memories made me cry, so I decided to make one for this year too! 

Hope you are having great day! Love you! How was your week, tell me in comments!


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