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Hey guuuys, so big haul is here ;) This is everything I bought to myself :P, got for Christmas or my birthday, so everything new!! :D If you want me to do review of anything from this post just comment! xoxo

 So I have been reading about this cream. A lot of bloggers recommend it! I bought it in DM for 41,90 kuna (it's like 7,50 USD). You get 50 mL which is not so much for that price... I actually don't like it. When you put it on, you feel cold on your face and I don't like it :/ It does smell lovely but I'm not going to buy it again.

This is eye brush by essence. I bought it for 11,90 kn (2,10 USD) in DM. It is just great and I don't have anything bad to say about it.

I needed new wallet for ages and my sister bought me this one! It's the best, I have been looking for wallets that open like this but every single wallet I saw opened like purses in which you keep your credit cards. you know? unpractic!!! so yes I love it and the pink color is great for foggy days in winter haha just to break the bordom :P

ah kabuki :D It looks nice and it's good quallity. I actually wanted kabuki by bipa but this one by essence is great!

I wanted this for sooo long and it's great but I have small lips and the red color just doesn't fit me haha :( my friend bought nude color and it's great so i think I'm going to buy it... Oh and yes you can't do anything because the color will stay on everything your lips have been touching...
essence stay matt lip cream

This is waterproof mascara and it really doesn't go of easily! It's like the biggest mascara I have ever seen :P I like it...

This eyeliner is by essence, it's nice and I'm satisfied because my eyes don't burn.  I had one eyeliner which I just couldn't wear.

I love this pallet. A lot of bloggers wrote that it isn't good but for 50 kn (9 USD) it's great. You get 10 eyeshadows, 8 of them have glitter in them and only 2 are matt. (In the mirror you can see my pj! :P )

Catrice NailLACQUER (21 rosy one more time) It's nice pink color with glitter. Like it :)

Soo that is it. If you want more details about any product just comment :) 

by Dora      xo                       

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  1. Loving that lipstick and eyeliner! Great haul :)
    xo TJ


  2. I'm not really a pink person, but I do love that subtle nail polish!

    beck daily

  3. I haven't tried it yet, but I think it doesn't look so pink :) Do you want me to do the swatch? xoxo

  4. Love that lip colour on you xx


  5. lijepe stvarcice :) kakav ti je ovaj essencov kabuki? i ja sam razmisljala da kupim bipin, ali nemam bipe u blizini, pa cu onda vjerojatno morati ovaj uzeti.


    1. Ajme kabuki je odličan! Definitivno ga kupi! Ja sam ga za sad samo jednom oprala ali mu niti jedna dlačica nije ispala i straaaašno je mekan! Meni je super, nadam se da će biti i tebi! :) xoxo