nedjelja, 16. veljače 2014.

favorite things from my closet

I wanted to show you some clothes that I love and didn't regret buying! :)

I have seen them and fell in love. They are from Zara and I can't wait spring to come so I can wear them!!

This is my favorite dress. I bought it in Zara and I have worn it on weddings and in clubs when i went out with my friends.

 I have been searching for cardigan like this one for such a long time and I finally bought it! It's from Pull and bear, it's warm and i like to wear it with blue shirt.

 I bought this dress when I was 13 maybe o.O I don't  really know but I was much younger and I still wear it. Sometimes I wear it as dress to the beach or as T-shirt on short jeans. It's just great!
It's form h&m...

 This actually belongs to my sister but I wear it! I don't know where she bought it... It is black with leather pockets and in the middle is black and white pattern. I usually wear it on black jeans!

   And that's it! hope you like it :) xoxo

                                                                                        -by Dora x

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  1. What beautiful pieces! I really love those green pants! The zipper detailing is amazing!


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