subota, 7. prosinca 2013.

Christmas and other wishlists!

First two things are from Croatian furniture store Emmezeta.
Bookshelf and this gorgeous jewelry box! 

I want Pretty little liars books, I love the show,so I think I would enjoy books too.  

This makeup organizer, I found them only on ebay, but I don't shop on ebay, so I'm stuck. :( 

THIS perfume smells so good, my friend has it and it is so perfect, want it! 

I need more makeup brushes, mostly eye brushes because I don't use a lot of face makeup but I do use and experiment with eye makeup! 

I want to buy more movies, I'm starting since December, I alredy have 3 of them and I don't know why, I love having collection of good movies.

This nail polish is Catrice Kitsch Me If You Can and it is a lot cheaper (kind of) version for Essie A cut above .It is pink and it is glitter, my dreams came true and I think that it would be perfect for holidays! :) 

I have been looking at this earrings for a while, they are from H&M and probably I will buy them for myself. :P 

-by Helena  

4 komentara:

  1. That make up organiser looks so helpful! Would definitely neaten up my current make up stand!

    1. Right, my makeup would be so organized! Thank you for commenting ! xoxo :)

  2. The PLL books ROCK! I have read em all and they were great!
    Loved the post!

    1. Oh you are so lucky, I hope I will get them soon, I'm such PLL fan! :) Thank you! :)